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Ancient Pocket Tarot books are now officially R3-opened!!

Brought to you by the Elementals, Faes and Devas at “Juniper Parrot Assembly” a non-denominational congregation of Earthen Spiritx eternally inter-connected to their Star Roots. Each reading offers a spell, a perspective from Gaia’s Dream Realm:

Choose from the following:
1 hr @ $300
30 min @ $150
15 min @ $75

If you want to book. Please be sure to submit your payment and leave your email so we can pick a day/ time for your Seer Spell Reading. Readings can be held via video chat or in person for Los Angeles Residents. I offer readings weekdays from 6:30p to 9p PST or weekends from 9a to 3:30p PST…

Still curious but need more info? See the INFO page and visit ancientpocket.com for more on what kind of services I offer and my specialties.

Thank you!
All emails and orders are responded to within 24 hours.

To the seer in us all!
As above, so below.
As within, so it is without.